Tertiary Treatment Filters (Advanced Treatment)

Code: 100105

Filters for third rate treatment

Filters find a wide variety of use, not only as wastewater tertiary treatment equipment but also as devices for the treatment of industrial and potable water in order to remove specific substances.

Ballis D. & Sons G.P. constructs filtering systems for the applications mentioned above and for any other use. The construction materials are always stainless steel and high pressure polymers in order to provide long lasting operation. The water flows through the filter from top to bottom driven by a pump. The filling material consists of multiple layers of quartz sand of different granule size and, in some cases, activated carbon and/or anthracite. All the suspended solids which are larger than the granule size of the filling material, are separated from the filtered water. When the pressure drops, the backwash mode is activated, and the back wash of the filter takes place in order to clean the filling material.

After the backwash, the filter is ready to operate as usual. The operation of the filter is managed by a PLC unit and the pneumatic valves are driven by an air compressor.


Dimensions m (D × H)

Flow capacity (m3/h)


0,6 × 1,1


BF 2

1,0 × 1,7


BF 3

1,1 × 1,8


BF 4

1,2 × 1,9


BF 5

1,4 × 2,2


BF 6

1,7 × 2,6


BF 7

2,0 × 3,0


* The sizes of the filters mentioned above, can be adapted to the needs of each specific plant that are about to operate. The construction routine follows specific standards but the dimensions from one construction to one other may vary significantly, according to the fields of use.