Διατάξεις λιποσυλλογής επίπλευσης (D.A.F.)

Code: 100103

Dissolved/Dispersed Air Flotation (D.A.F.) units

The removal of the oily substances is of crucial importance in the process of wastewater treatment. The presence of grease and oil in the wastewater mass which is to be treated, has adverse effects on the biomass bacteria, affecting in a negative way the process of the degradation of the polluting substances.

- All metallic materials are made exclusively of stainless steel 304 or 316 AISI and all plastic parts are made of heavy duty PVC, PP and EPDM polymers.

Scrapping mechanism is equipped with large step stainless steel industrial chains and gears and heavy duty regulators.

- The DAF units are combined with a chemical unit consisting of a S shaped mixing tube, dosing pumps for the additional of chemical solutions and a pH meter-controller, for the control of the whole process.

The DAF units, like any other machine, bring a CE mark and are constructed under the relative European directives for the machinery equipment.

The types of the DAF units are divided into two categories:

  • Type R DAF units (Rectangular shaped tank)
  • Type C DAF units (Cylindrical shaped tank)



Type C –S

Up to 5 m3/h

Type R – S

Type C

Up to 10 m3/h

Type R

Type C - L

Up to 15 m3/h

Type R - L

* The capacity ranges are not restrictive and can be adapted to the needs of each application.