Our Company

Our company is activated in the fields of environmental protection systems construction and maintenance, such as biological and chemical wastewater treatment facilities.

Since 1979 we provide solutions regarding the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, the recycling of the treated wastewater for irrigation purposes, the construction of swimming pools and the treatment of water for industrial and potable uses.

Our company is also activated in the sectors of technical studies conduction and trading of chemical consumables and equipment for water and wastewater treatment plants.


Our company has its own fully equipped chemical laboratory within its facilities in the Industrial area of Thessaloniki. Based on our long year experience, we conduct research studies for the treatment of each type of wastewater and propose the best solution fitted to the specific demands of each application.

The well trained personnel, the ultimate technology’s machinery and our many years experience in the field guarantee the punctuality and the reliability of the results.

Technical Studies

Based on the latest scientific data of contemporary bibliography regarding the treatment of water and wastewater and our long year of experience, we conduct technical studies providing solutions designed accordingly to the demands of each specific application for various kinds of organizations (factories, cities, communities, small scale businesses).  

Chemical Consumables

Our activities are also expanding in the fields of chemical consumables used in various water and wastewater treatment applications and odour control.

Flocculation and coagulation agents for water and wastewater, organic chlorine agents for swimming pools disinfection, pH adjustment chemicals, activated carbon, decolorization solutions and odour control agents are only a few of the consumables that we trade in order to provide the best possible solution for each application.

Machinery Construction

The company innovates having its own machine-shop for the construction of all the machinery needed to be applied in a wastewater chemical or biological treatment plant. With ultimate generation machinery (TIG electric weld, lathe, plasma-cutter) and experienced personnel we construct, under strict standards and by using high quality materials (various stainless steel alloys 304/316, PVC and PP plastic polymers in order to ensure long lasting operation),  all the necessary machinery for biological/chemical wastewater treatment.

Static / self cleaning bar screens, rotating drum screens, sluice gates, dissolved air flotation units (DAFs), rotating bridges for clarifiers, self-cleaning automatic filters for tertiary treatment and many other specialized machines are only a few of the machinery constructions for the treatment of water and wastewater.

Equipment Installation Services

Our professional activity also expands in the fields of equipment installation with many projects having completed mainly in Greece, in Balkan region and in Northern Africa. Our specialized technicians can carry out equipment installation projects including both hydraulic networks and electromechanical constructions, delivering full scale solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants.